Tagaytay Wedding : Raymond and Tina

Tagaytay Wedding

Tagaytay Wedding

Preparation : Tagaytay Crosswinds
Church : San Antonio De Padua Quasi Parish
Reception : Tagaytay Crosswinds

For 13 years they laugh, and laugh with it often. They cried, broke up and made up countless times. But the most important thing is together they learn, grow, and not give up.

Wedding Highlights : Arvin and Rachel Macapagal

Wedding Highlights

Wedding Highlights

Wedding vows are the most dreaded part of the ceremony for every couple, but not for Arvin and Rachel. Not just they wanted to express their feelings to each other, but also to appreciate their parents for everything they did just to establish them. Specially in this important stage of their lives.

Here are the highlights of their wedding as the couple request to make it short and candid as much as possible.

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My love will never fail you by Marie Hines
Happy Days by Isaac Daines

Manila Wedding : Arvin and Rachel

Ysabels Garden

Manila Wedding : Arvin and Rachel

It’s nice to see my relatives and friends gathering together in this celebration of love. Especially for those who fly a thousand miles to witness the wedding of these two souls.

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Groom’s Prep at Villa Caranzo, Las Pinas City, Manila
Bride’s Prep at Ysabel’s Garden, Las Pinas City, Manila
Ceremony and Reception at Ysabel’s Garden
Music : Every Moment by Jordan Critz

Videographers : Robert | Glenn | Ely
Video Editor : Robert Jacobo
Asst. Editor : Aida Jacobo
Asst. Videographer : Gerald

Bamboo Organ Church : Jayr and Glenz Onsite Video

Bamboo Organ

This two loving engineer couple takes the greatest measurement and computation of their destiny. After four years of beautiful love and companionship, they sum up and feel that they are meant for each other, till the last breath of their lives. So to spice up everything, they choose to take their vows at the majestic church of St. Joseph Parish, well known as Bamboo Organ Church, Manila, Philippines.

The couple pick the classic wedding song Collide by Howie Day, so here is their Same Day Edit / Onsite Video.

Bamboo Organ Church : Jayr and Glenz Onsite Video from Robert Jacobo on Vimeo.

Preparation : Heritage Hotel Pasay Manila, Philippines
Ceremony : St. Joseph Parish (Bamboo Organ Church)
Reception : Bali Garden Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines.

Videographers : Robert | Glenn | Gerald
Onsite Video Editor : Robert Jacobo
Assistant Editor : Aida Jacobo (My Wife!!!)

Same Day Edit : Sherylyn and Louie

Same Day Edit

Same Day Edit

Louie prove a lot of things before sherylyn gave her sweet “I Do”. Few things is that, Louie was eager to lean Mandarin language just to impress sherylyn’s mother, and that thing is quite a serious business. Another thing is, travelling 15 hours via sea from manila to Boracay, just to meet sherylyn for very a important matter. Not to impress her, but all plane tickets where book on that day. After a series of trials, Louie never give up and finally win sherylyn’s heart.

Every wedding has it’s own story to tell. This time we document something different from our past weddings. No veil and cord, marching of the bridal entourage, and the climatic bride and groom entrance at the ceremony. Just a simple but elegant wedding ring that will unite them, and messages from the pastor and their love ones. This wedding gave us a situation of how and what we are going to do for their same day edit wedding video.

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Preparation held at The Cocoon Boutique Hotel
Ceremony held at The Church of God, Kessler Building, Quezon City
Reception held at Gloria Mariz, Pasay, Manila

San Agustin Church : Renato and Carmina

San Agustin Church

I met renato and carmina for the first time on their wedding day. Just a simple discussion of their plans during the preparation with no wedding vows prepared. All they want to do is enjoy the day and get married in the eyes of god, together with their 8th months old COCO on carmina’s tummy.

“Thank you for loving me despite my flaws”. This are simple but meaningful message of the bride to his groom during their vows. More than enough reason why they wanna get married.

Renato and Carmina : San Agustin Church from Robert Jacobo on Vimeo

Preparation held at the Century Park Hotel Malate, Manila. Ceremony at the San Agustin Church Intramuros, Manila. Reception follows at the Magsaysay Hall Pedro Gill, Malate, Manila.

Don Bosco Church : Egay and Shella

Don Bosco Church
Same Day Edit Video

This couple is a both member of the Don Bosco Church Choir in Makati. The place where first impression took place. “Happy Go Lucky”, Shella first impression to edgar. “Mataray at Sosyal”, Edgars impression to Shella. After years of learning to love, to tolerate, to understand, to be patient to one another. They decide to tie the knot at the church where they first met. Not anymore based on the first impression. They wanted to go deeper and saying to one another “I want to journey with you for the rest of my life”. That is what wedding is all about…..

Egay and Shela : Don Bosco Church from Robert Jacobo on Vimeo.

Grooms preparation at Mandarin Hotel
Brides preparation at Shangri-La
Ceremony at the Don Bosco Church
Reception follows at Rockwell

Island Cove : Marzon and Jannine

Island Cove

This couple is a both member of the San Martin De Porres church Choir. Their family and friends witness the love story behind this couple, “Mala Aso’t pusa, Away Bati” . But after long years of countless break-up and make-up, this two is really destined to tie the knot in the eyes of god, in the holy sacrament of matrimony. No wonder why a lot of people great them “FINALLY” on their wedding day.

Jannine and Marzon : Finally from Robert Jacobo on Vimeo.

Preparation : Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park | Church : St. Michael Parish | Reception : Bali Garden
Videographers : Robert | Glenn | Redz
Photographer : Atty. Raymond Fortun